Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Got To a Double Monday

I don't often get to the early class at Shodokan during the school year. Life is too busy. I got there last night though.

Serge was out with a pulled muscle so Mr. Mulligan taught instead. Class was fine. I was able to make some corrections when Mr. Mulligan mentioned them to me. For the most part I did ok.

After that class I went off to North Shore Aikikai for their Monday night class. Jim taught. We did a number of techniques. A couple strange ones where you need to grab someone's head, step in front of them, past them a bit and pivot. The first time I did this to Kevin he went flying. It looked ugly. There were hands, arms, elbows and so forth everywhere. He's a young guy and really relaxed so even though he took a tough fall he didn't get hurt by it. After that I took it more step by step with him and we worked on his ukemi for that technique. He has a good natural ukemi most of the time. It didn't occur to me he would have a problem with this one.

We did other techniques including a knife take-away with kotagaeshi.

It was a good night.


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