Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quiet Morning

Sunday mornings at Shodokan usually involve a fair bit of noise. The arnis folks practice on the wood floor behind us. It's not just the clacking of sticks or talking that you hear. You usually hear some really odd(eclectic) selection of music accompanied by incense. I actually don't mind either. I don't even hear their music most of the time or them practicing. I've screened it out. As for the incense... I don't mind it at all. It smells nice. It's way better than the fetid cigar stench from sensei that lingers in the place for days at a time. Friday night I had to dump all clothing immediately into the laundry and take a shower as soon as I got home to get the stench off. Kind of like dealing with toxic waste. Actually, I had my kids in a couple of times a full day or two after the cigar smoking occurs and my kids complained about the bad smell. I told them what it was and that I can't take a full breath in the place at times.

Anyway.... The arnis folks weren't around that day. It was too quiet for a Sunday morning. A newer student showed up who I hadn't seen in a bit. She seems to be about where she left off when I saw her last. I'm guessing she hasn't been able to come regularly. Kim, who usually does arnis, took a class with us. It was nice seeing him again. He and I started together. At one point Peter had us doing a koshinage. Kim asked me to throw him instead of doing lifts. So we tossed each other around for a bit. I had to make adjustments in position because some of his technique was a little off. He doesn't do aikido regularly any more I think. Alos, some of it is from a bad shoulder. He can't put his arm in a certain position without pain.

Anyway.... a nice laid back class.


At October 23, 2011 8:37 PM, Blogger eeeandrew said...


Came across this blog after googling around a bit. I started aikido 4 weeks at the ripe age of 21. I've been to my first weapons class on Saturday.

Just wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences with aikido. I've looked back at the archive to see how you got on when you first started and found a few parallels.

I'm looking forward to continuing with aikido, attending more weapons classes in the near future and attending a seminar with the head of the Komyokan association in the UK this coming weekend.

Thanks again!

At October 24, 2011 9:31 AM, Blogger Poxbox said...

Sounds excellent.

My early posts had a lot more descriptions of what I was practicing. My original intent of the blog was just to help me keep track.

I'm almost sorry you hit upon the blog on this post. It's a bit more negative than usual. Except for one blissful year or so I've had to tolerate sensei's cigar smoking for years now. It's the reason I don't hang around or socialize much at the dojo. He can make his personal choices.... I am free to make mine. I choose fresh air.

Friday night I was forced to have a conversation with him which prolonged my exposure. My hair smelled... my clothes smelled.


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