Monday, October 24, 2011


Took two classes tonight.

Got to Shodokan. Mulligan was teaching. Dave warmed us up and grabbed a jo. He started us off with some ukemi

A real strange group of techniques. One was where nage was on the ground. Hook the back of uke's ankle, use the other foot against the hooked legs knee to send them off to the side.

Another one on the ground is where uke is reaching down. You grab the reaching arm, use your foot to flip them off to the side.

We did something that looked a lot like gokyo.

The least favorite technique of the night for me was an I don't know what.... uke can do a tsuki. Rather than doing a tenkan taiotoshi which would feel natural to me we step in and turn on the open side(which doesn't seem safe to me) take the arm and come down and back to the inside knee. I was trying to get some float out and some projection for uke. It was still ten times harder than a simple taiotoshi.

Class ended.... I booked out and went to

North Shore Aikikai.

Jim taught this class. He also had us going in on the open side. The techniques we did were interesting. One was grab uke's wrist... pull him around for a j-step and udekiminage. Another was grab the wrist... grab the elbow with the other hand, bring them to your center pretty much hugging it to your chest and turn.

Later in class was the terrible part. He did what I think were two 2nd kyu requirements. It's been SO long since I did anything resembling a test technique. I was beyond rusty one these.

I need to have that discussion with Mulligan about the paperwork someday soon. It would be nice to be able to test again someday. I probably have over 300 hours built up since my last test. I think I only needed 200 hours to take the next one.


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