Sunday, October 09, 2011

That Was Different

As usual, Peter had an interesting class. He started us out holding a bokken, attempting to swing it while balancing on one foot. We did both sides a couple of times and then moved on.

He has us doing a different opening. The class was all jodan tsuki. The reply was either a deflect enter, or tenkan pull-around or a hand snatch tenkan kind of thing.

We did kotagaeshi, iriminage, koshinage, nikkyo, udekiminage, kaitenage, kokyunage. I think the kotagaeshi was the most interesting for me. Normally we don't want to attempt to snatch a hand because you may miss. Peter had us snatching at the attacking hand to slap it down as you tenkan, keep hold of it and you do a nice kotagaeshi. I was trying to not just slap but pay attention to making contact and sliding down to where I needed to be.

The nikkyo was a natural for me. No surprise there.

The koshinage was a garume type. For that one I was attempting to keep uke moving in a particular direction be in a good place so uke has a little float and just falls into the correct position. While practicing, even though it wasn't shown that way... after a few turns of doing it normally, I did the thing where you shift your weight from one side to the other and then just as uke gets to the other side, pull that foot back. Predictably, Tony fell like a stone. I looked up at Peter after I did it and he spotted it and was smiling at me. I held my finger up to my lips.... ssshhhhhhh.

Here is a video where someone is doing the foot pull away for this koshi. Look at the first two throws for the variation we were doing.


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