Sunday, October 16, 2011

Well..... Nobody Died

Peter wasn't around to teach today. The above title was a quote from Chris who did teach.

For the most part the attack was a punch to the face today. We did an entry where you enter, as you deflect or capture the attacking arm. Responses were udekimenage, some kind of kokyunage, iriminage, kotagaeshi, shihonage, a choke, and so forth.

We did one technique that was a little less aiki then the others.
You enter, block by smashing at the inside of the elbow with the opposite hand (make him think you are going to break his elbow), then enter by getting one foot under the attackers arm, step behind the attacker with the other foot and as you are turning give uke the elbow to the face. All of this is all very good.... however, at the end I experimented instead with bringing my arm up high and sliding forward for a kokyunage like finish(instead of elbowing the face).

Relatively mellow class. Felt good to move around in the morning.


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