Monday, October 10, 2011

Yay Yonkyo

I managed a kidsitter tonight so I got to North Shore Aikikai for a class tonight.

We practiced certain types of ukemi tonight. Going over a jo, doing a few line techniques to practice.

The last thing of the night was a grab attack, step off to the side a bit taking uke's balance, do a one handed nikkyo, as uke comes up tenkan and change into a one handed yonkyo. The nikkyo wasn't too hard to get but one handed yonkyo is real hard to get effectively.

We had a couple partners for this one. When I got one of the less experienced members of our group he was totally missing the yonkyo. I spent about 10 seconds with him so he would get the gist of it. He's amazing. He got a reasonable yonkyo right away. Awesome.


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