Friday, November 04, 2011

Flying The Unfriendly Skies

Wednesday night I managed to get to Shodokan. Bob taught that night. All I remember was that my partner for a part of the evening was someone who had been around for about 6 months or so. Not really a beginner but still working out a lot of stuff.

So Bob has us do a koshinage. The first version is a simple... ushiro attack, take a sankyo, turn and run uke across your back at the belt line. She kept throwing me at odd angles. At times I was over her shoulder, high on her back. A few times she threw me over her head. It's a good thing I can take that ukemi. I tried to help her out, Bob was keeping a good eye on her and trying to help as well. She didn't seem to be getting it. So... mercifully (at least for me) he changed the technique to Ogoshi.

After one comment from me about how to load someone on the hip better.... she was cranking out hip throws like she'd been doing them for a while. They were excellent.

Her falls too were excellent. She didn't seem apprehensive or anything. We kept a nice easy pace. I'm guessing she's a fast learner. I hope to work with her again some time.


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