Sunday, November 06, 2011

Kids In Tow

Another Sunday morning at Shodokan I had to bring the kids with me. As usual they complained about the stale cigar smell that permeates the dojo before we were halfway up the stairs. Both kids watched the Arnis group that was practicing as much as they watched us. Of course the bulk of their time they spent sitting and quietly reading. At one point my young daughter pulled out her knitting and worked on that for a while. Oh wait..... this is a blog about aikido right?? My kids are the center point of my life, and it's easy for me to go off on a tangent.

Peter taught today. We had a great class. For the most part we did henka waza. Started out with a kotagaeshi, from there we took it to a bunch of different techniques. Of course one of them was taiotoshi. Now being paranoid about what happened Wednesday night, I dialed back a bit. Even though I know Tony can take a throw the last few weeks he's complained that his back has been a bit touchy lately. It's not worth hurting anyone over so I took it easy.

One of the oddest moments was when I realized that I was going from a nikkyo to sankyo different than what Peter had been teaching today. I knew I was doing it wrong but couldn't remember exactly what I had seen when he demo'd it. I ended up doing a version that he's done a lot in the past and apparently I've internalized a bit. After a round I got myself all fixed up and starting doing it correctly.

Anyway.... had a great practice. Grabbed the kids and left.


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