Friday, November 04, 2011

Less Magic More Choking

Often times we do some crazy subtle stuff on Friday nights. Something surrounding our centers, ki, body position or one thing or another. Tonight was a different kind of night.

We did several different chokes. One of my favorites. Reach across front of uke with left hand grab gi edge thumb inside. Move around back of uke, grab front left shoulder of gi from behind. Now scissor your elbows to create pressure. If you are feeling particularly mean you can hang them by pulling backwards and having them off their feet. They hang by the choke. Their weight help cinch it in.

We even did one I hadn't seen before. This one has us start off with maybe a shihonage like response. Get uke to turn and down. One arm goes about the neck and one below. The upper hand pulls the lower hand up. The point I missed in the initial demo was the location of the neck in that structure. I was doing it on the forearms. Mulligan grabbed me and did it and I immediately felt that he had me much closer to his hands. Tough choke for me to get.

We did some interesting armbars. A couple I had seen before. One or two were new for me so it was interesting to practice them.

Later on we were doing a yokomenuchi attack, get the arm down and across (similar to shihonage)step in, armbar the elbow on your shoulder to raise uke. Now take arm and do taiotoshi. During this practice, Mulligan was admonishing another student for taking it easy on one of our more experienced people. So.. when I take my turn with her, I do a normal taiotoshi. She sat out for a few minutes after that throw. I talked to her after class. She said she was fine but said that right after that throw her heart was going very fast. It sounds to me like she got an adreneline dump. She hasn't been around on the mat very much lately. I'm thinking she wasn't used to taking that throw done at half speed. I'll have to keep that in mind. Despite what sensei said.... she needs to build herself back up to where she was. Assuming she doesn't avoid the heck out of me, I'll have to tone it down a bit when I work with her. Her technique was excellent as usual. She's just not up to the harder throws yet.

Towards the end of class I got Tony as a partner. He was a riot. Everything we did turned into some kind of hip-throw. We are doing some kind of soft kokyuho kind of thing from a standing position. Tony slowly turns me and hip throws me.

So, I had a nice workout tonight.


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