Thursday, November 24, 2011

Still Busy

I've been to a bunch of classes since my last post. The last one I took was with North Shore Aikikai. Jim had us doing stuff on the open side again. Uke does a yokomen strike, nage enters with his back to uke and picks the arm up on the other side. Then we did a few different techniques with the same opening.

Previous to this was Sunday's class with Peter. Excellent class doing henka waza again. I screwed up the kotagaeshi to nikkyo sequence and went straight to nikkyo. Peter liked it enough to have us all try doing my mistake for a while. Similar to the 5th kyu version of kotagaeshi... take uke around but instead of doing the kotagaeshi, you keep moving in the same direction, stay sticky and bring ukes hand down in a circle to get the nikkyo. Feels very natural for me to do it this way.

After class Peter asked if I was planning on testing at the end of December. I had no idea there was even a test scheduled. My answer was a resounding no. My biggest concern is that I'll keep testing, end up getting to 1st kyu, Mulligan will retire.... then I'll want to test for shodan so I'll have to find a shihan somewhere to test me. When he sends the paperwork in, USAF won't be able to process it because all my kyu paperwork wouldn't have been put in. That will be fun.

This leaves me with two choices.... keep progressing and don't bother testing (this is becoming increasingly less palatable). Or.... Just leave the dojo and go to one that will be more responsible and respectful. I explained this to Peter. I also told him that I volunteered to do the paperwork (for everyone who tested) at one point and was told no.

Usually the certificate is handed to the student in class in front of the class. I find this situation so embarassing that I'd be much happier just having it handed to me privately. I took that test about 2 years and 7 months ago.


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