Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nice Trip

I went away for a long weekend to visit a friend of mine down in Maryland. Went to his dojo while I was down there. They primarily do taekwando. We went early and worked a bit on the mat. He was very interested to see what we do for controls, joint locks and so forth. He showed me what they practice in their classes for that kind of stuff. I went over some basic controls with him, explained ukemi and took some rolls and falls on their less than cushy puzzlemats. We even covered a hip throw he had learned somewhere along the way. It was all pretty fun. One of the more interesting things we learned was how effective our aikido response to chokes were. I can easily get out of most of the headlocks he tried on me. The only one I had a problem slipping was one where his arms were in front of and also behind the neck. I've seen that hold before but never had it put on me.

Since I've been home I've been hiting class as normal.

To cover the past couple classes..... Monday night at North Shore Aikikai... Matt had us do a nikkyo night. There was even one particular aspect of nikkyo that clicked. There is a way to do it at the shoulder that I never thought about much. Now I understand why that works so well. I thought I was done learning about nikkyo. Guess not.

Friday night Mulligan had us doing tons of sword disarms. Because we did them in a line the class went kind of slow. One of the disarms consisted of moving in on the open side, getting your hand in between uke's. Raising it some and turning. You go basically for two nikkyos here. Most of the class was missing the point of the second hand grip being a nikkyo. No one(aside from Sam and I) was aware that they were supposed to get a nikkyo not just with the one hand... but also with the second hand.

There is going to be a nice gathering after class this week coming on Friday night. My first incliniation was to go of course. Then I thought about the clingy odor of 10 cent cigars. I think I'll pass after all. Since class time will be shortened that night (although I'm not sure why) I may blow the night off entirely. Let my wife go somewhere for a change on a Friday night.


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