Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Still Here

I haven't posted in a while but nothings changed much. Still practicing on a regular basis. Having mostly good classes. Had an interesting one last night.

I've been away on vacation for a while. I hit the mat and there is a newer student talking to someone who has been kicking around for a year or so(not real sure).

They look at me and say....

Them: "Give us some wisdom"
Me: "Never....ever... cut the red wire"

Later on I paired off with someone who has only been around for a few weeks. He's this younger guy, still in school, who has lots of martial arts experience in other arts (mostly tkd). He does the usual stuff you'd expect from someone starting out with the normal questions about why something does or does not work.

He surprised me however when he started attempting breakfalls for something just because he wanted to try. After his second try Jim came over and gave him some tips. I repeated Jims tips at times to remind him what to do and he started breakfalling. It wasn't perfect ukemi but it looked darn good for someone who just started out. If this kid keeps putting effort into his classes he'll learn fast.