Sunday, February 26, 2012

Neat Taiotoshi Is Back

Peter had us working this morning mostly on improving our freestyles. We actually got to practice a couple of times. I've gone down hill a biy from lack of practice. The first time I was not entering as often as I had in the past. The second round through I did better.

Also in class we did Tony's killer taiotoshi. This time I picked him as a partner so I could see exactly what he was doing last week. What he does is quite simple. He enters inside and continues in a circle bringing uke through the same line he started with the tsuki. Once he gets a connection with the arm, he basically tenkans in front of uke wrapping him around.

Not much else going on. When Buddy and I worked together I suggested for the kaitenage that he draw uke forward just a bit so when you bring the arm down, uke sort of just falls right into the hole you create. This was shown to me back at North Shore Aikido at some point.


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