Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Swoopy Excellence

I went to Monday night class at North Shore Aikikai. Matt was teaching and did some interesting stuff.

Two things stuck out in my mind the most. One was the jujinage he had us doing. It was the tightest jujinage I've felt in quite a while. Very nice. I was his uke for the demo. The first time he did it, I felt so locked up, I couldn't roll and wasn't ready I guess for a breakfall. All I felt was stuck... so when he threw me, rather than me takig a nice ukemi I guess I chose to fall to the mat on top of my arms (stomach down) while my arms were still locked in a strange structure. I'm sure the fall looked awful. Oddly enough, it didn't cause any real discomfort. My arms sort of took the impact without jarring my shoulders somehow (my arms were still extended and twisted on each other). Once I got that out of my system I was breakfalling. However, I was having a little problem keeping up at first. Part of the throw, as Matt grabs each arm for jujinage, there is a tiny... and I mean tiny pause where he turns your arm so he gets a good armbar for the throw. During that tiny moment, I took that as a signal to just hang around and relax. Silly me.... no time for hanging around. Eventually I was able to keep up. Replicating that armbar was difficult for me during practice though.

The second technique that stood out in my mind was one where you take uke around (tenkan entry), pull him around and keep everything high. You sidestep and swoosh the hand down feeding it to your waiting hand for a kotagaeshi. I liked that one a lot... very fun. I confused it at first with a similar version where you go under the arm and then do a throw. But this wasn't that one at all. Taking ukemi for this you realize how off balance you are the whole time.


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