Friday, February 10, 2012

Test Night For Other People

We had a test night tonight. We had a 5th kyu test and a 3rd kyu test. 5th kyu test was relatively uneventful. He did a good job. The 3rd kyu test went well also. They shouldn't have involved me I guess.

At the end of the test we had a quick freestyle with 2 ukes. Myself and Chris. Since the tester has been around quite a while I decided to telegraph my attacks a lot less. Too often people make it quite obvious what the attack is going to be. Peter has us practice this on Sunday mornings. The tester has been around a LONG time so I figured it was ok. He was doing fine and then I did a shomen attack..... and hit him in the head. My hand impacted the top of his head, slid down to hit his shoulder. I pulled the strike as soon as I realize he let it go. I was surprised he didn't do something with the attack. He was alone and had already gotten rid of his uke.

My thought was ... ah crap.. he actually let me hit him. At least you can't say that my attack wasn't committed.

After the test he did mention that he didn't realize he was going to do a freestyle which means that he probably didn't spend much time working on it. He did fine though.

I have no doubt that both testers passed.

Maybe if I can continue seeing test techniques in classes and work a bit after class I'll be ready to test the next time one rolls around.


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