Sunday, February 19, 2012

That Was Fast.... Very Fast.

Morning practice was interesting. Peter had us doing some practice I'm guessing intended to improve our freestyle.

Some of the focus was not worrying about what foot is forward or what side uke is attacking from. This was all good. I usually have no problem with a surprise like that at this point. One of the techniques, Peter had us uncharacteristically staying on the line and simply moving back. Some of it was a knife defense. Basically getting your abdomen the hell out of the way if you are surprised with a swipe while at the same time getting control of the knife hand.

At the end of class we did a technique at speed. It was a bit of a surprise. Peter says.... Tony is going to show us something. Tony picks me as uke. I punch... at a very fast speed Tony quickly does a taiotoshi. It was one of those throws that was so fast, I wasn't entirely sure what the hell he did. I just felt pulled forward... then my feet were stuck... then I instinctively started a breakfall and found myself on the mat. So we practiced that one and ended the session.


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