Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday Night

Chris taught the class at Shodokhan Friday night. He was kind enough to cover some of the 2nd kyu techniques. Two of the five who attended are testing for this soon. I did fair. I had the usual question of how to do the nikkyo. I know a half dozen different ways to do it. I'd like to find out what Mr. Mulligan wants to see on a test. Maybe next time I see him I'll be able to ask him.

One thing that got polished up was my jujinage. I could never get the hands gripped smoothly. I got the hands down and then my footwork. By the end of class I was doing that fairly smoothly. At least.... well enough to test. I know it needs more work.

At the end of class Chris made it a point to come to me to tell me to test. I still feel the need to polish a lot of stuff up but at least at this point I won't just stand there and go 'duh' when they call out the technique.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Check This Out

I had a good class Monday night. Once again folks at North Shore Aikido were kind enough to go over some of my test with me. I had mixed results. If nothing else, at least I won't stand there like a yutz when they call for a technique.

One of the problems I have is that I may know several ways of doing a technique and I'm unsure which I should be showing for the test.

Enough of that....

Got a minute to watch something neat??

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Knife Disarms

Had a Sunday morning class at Shodokhan. Peter taught a great class. Did a bit of knife disarming. Some with resistance. Very difficult to deal with when the knife holder is resisting.

We moved on to other techniques. Included in that is a couple responses to a tsuki attack. One is to atemi with your forward hand to the face sliding in and wrapping your arm backwards around the neck, taking control of the opposite wrist so that you can get an armbar. Peter went to demo that and I did not take ukemi properly.... got a fist in my face for my trouble. Not the first time I had this happen. No real damage, a little blood in my mouth. Didn't even hurt. The second one was to really enter deeply, get behind uke, grab one wrist and with the other hand reach around the front of uke and control the head.

Did some freestyle at the end of class. Could be because of the knife attack responses but I found myself backing up too much. Once I realized it, I stopped it. I had a nice mix of techniques. I feel like I did better last week though really.

Apparently all the koshinage practice with Jim at NSA is paying off. During the freestyle I had Peter in a position that screamed for a koshinage. I purposely got as low as possible for the throw so he didn't have to take a rough fall. Apparently he noticed because he actually said something during the freestyle I didn't quite catch. After class he came up to me to tell me that the koshi felt really smooth. He described it as 'silky'. Really, all I did different was made sure I got down nice and low as I brought him across the belt on my back. I need to continue to really get low.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Quiet Night At Shodocan

Mr. Mulligan had some kind of bug. We checked in on him once or twice to see if he needed anything. I'm amazed he came in at all.

Being that only two of us showed up tonight, we told Mr. Mulligan to take it easy. Chris M. and I used the time and had an open mat session. We reviewed our 2nd kyu requirements. I know I still need brushing up on things. So did Chris.

So... it was an easy laid back night. But time was used well.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Test Techniques

Went to North Shore Aikikai tonight. Jim taught. He was kind enough to cover 5th and 2nd kyu techniques for those of us thinking of testing soon. Nice to spend some class time on this. I really appreciated it.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

U Maine 5, BU 3

I don't often skip a class for other activities but once in a while is fine. This past Friday I went to watch a college hockey game at the local arena. I got to watch the U. Maine black bears beat Boston University. Great night. (Although I hear they lost Saturday nights game).

Sunday morning. Had a pretty good class. We worked on responses to tsuki attack again. Did a freestyle at the end. I seem to do about the same as last week. Perhaps a little better. I mixed up the techniques as things seemed appropriate. Funny thing is... before I start a freestyle I have some idea of what techniques I'd like to do and all that goes out the window as soon as it begins. I end up just going with the flow and whatever techniques pop out is what I get. I did a few kotagaeshi, a few shihonage, udekiminage, kaitenage, and was shocked when I did one iriminage... no idea where that came from. I ended up finishing with a kokyunage. Sort of take the person into a shihonage like grip, enter putting your arm out across uke's upper chest. I was surprised when that one popped out too.

For the past couple weeks I've had a minor pain in my side. Almost like I pulled an external oblique muscle. Mostly, it would only bother me when I sneezed or coughed. For some reason, today's practice aggravated it. I noticed that breakfalls on that side hurt a little. If there is no improvement by tomorrow I will be forced to skip a practice.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Yay.... Testing Practice

Small class. While Mat did a little ukemi session in the corner, Jim and I worked on a few of my test techniques.

More Freestyle Practice

Peter had us each pick a response from tsuki which we practiced in class. At the end of class he had us doing freestyle practice with nothing but a tsuki attack. Any response was permitted.

Tony chose a koshinage response. What a shocker.
Chris did some kind of kokyunage where you deflect the strike, enter behind, grab the shoulders and pull out and down.
I was torn but settled on a tenkan entry udekiminage. My first response to that will likely be kotagaeshi but I wanted to practice something else on purpose.
A couple of others were picked as well. I remember one person picking tenkan entry, sumiotoshi.

My freestyle at the end was improved over last weeks. I always entered, didn't get stuck. I did turn my back on one uke for a moment to get rid of another but quickly turned around to face him. I knew he was there. What I did was ok but if I had picked an uchi technique I could have kept them all where I could see them. Peter is having us work with 3 ukes. One other thing I did was controlled the space well. I was dumping ukes in front of each other.

Knife Practice

Friday night at Shodokan we practiced knife disarming. Instead of the more common stuff that we've done in the past such as kotagaeshi, and shihonage, Mulligan had us doing all kinds of eclectic techniques. The one that stuck out in my mind the most is probably one of the most risky.

Slap wrist and the back of the hand simultaneously. This has to be done very quickly and with a good amount of force. After doing this for a bit, my nerves were so agitated that my hand was shaking if I tried to hold the knife in a firm grip. Very fun.

Monday, March 05, 2012

What The Hell??

Not sure what the hell I was thinking today. Typically I head out to North Shore Aikikai for practice on Monday nights. Totally blanked on it. Forgot I had class tonight.

I'm annoyed with myself greatly for missing out.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

More Freestyle Practice

Got to do a couple of freestyles this morning. I was entering better over all. I did have a moment of lock up... not knowing what to do.

The second round through I did better. I was frequently dumping uke's on top of each other. This is just more proof that we need the practice for this. I wish the uke's would press a little harder. I do have to be careful though. One of the ukes is not comfortable with breakfalls right now. So when that person attacks I have to make a serious effort to do something planned and safe. Reminds me of juggling 3 balls with different weights or shapes.

Nice Workout

Friday night Bob taught. We started the class with an extended period of sumiotoshi. Interestingly enough the variation being taught that night was not a projection but one directing uke down. I had Sam for a partner so we just were firing away... one throw after another. We had a nice pace going. We both got a good start to a workout.

Later on we did other stuff such as iriminage. Bob was stressing our capturing uke's head to the shoulder to control uke better.

Whole class was kept at a good pace so it was a great workout.