Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday Night

Chris taught the class at Shodokhan Friday night. He was kind enough to cover some of the 2nd kyu techniques. Two of the five who attended are testing for this soon. I did fair. I had the usual question of how to do the nikkyo. I know a half dozen different ways to do it. I'd like to find out what Mr. Mulligan wants to see on a test. Maybe next time I see him I'll be able to ask him.

One thing that got polished up was my jujinage. I could never get the hands gripped smoothly. I got the hands down and then my footwork. By the end of class I was doing that fairly smoothly. At least.... well enough to test. I know it needs more work.

At the end of class Chris made it a point to come to me to tell me to test. I still feel the need to polish a lot of stuff up but at least at this point I won't just stand there and go 'duh' when they call out the technique.


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