Sunday, March 25, 2012

Knife Disarms

Had a Sunday morning class at Shodokhan. Peter taught a great class. Did a bit of knife disarming. Some with resistance. Very difficult to deal with when the knife holder is resisting.

We moved on to other techniques. Included in that is a couple responses to a tsuki attack. One is to atemi with your forward hand to the face sliding in and wrapping your arm backwards around the neck, taking control of the opposite wrist so that you can get an armbar. Peter went to demo that and I did not take ukemi properly.... got a fist in my face for my trouble. Not the first time I had this happen. No real damage, a little blood in my mouth. Didn't even hurt. The second one was to really enter deeply, get behind uke, grab one wrist and with the other hand reach around the front of uke and control the head.

Did some freestyle at the end of class. Could be because of the knife attack responses but I found myself backing up too much. Once I realized it, I stopped it. I had a nice mix of techniques. I feel like I did better last week though really.

Apparently all the koshinage practice with Jim at NSA is paying off. During the freestyle I had Peter in a position that screamed for a koshinage. I purposely got as low as possible for the throw so he didn't have to take a rough fall. Apparently he noticed because he actually said something during the freestyle I didn't quite catch. After class he came up to me to tell me that the koshi felt really smooth. He described it as 'silky'. Really, all I did different was made sure I got down nice and low as I brought him across the belt on my back. I need to continue to really get low.


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