Monday, March 12, 2012

More Freestyle Practice

Peter had us each pick a response from tsuki which we practiced in class. At the end of class he had us doing freestyle practice with nothing but a tsuki attack. Any response was permitted.

Tony chose a koshinage response. What a shocker.
Chris did some kind of kokyunage where you deflect the strike, enter behind, grab the shoulders and pull out and down.
I was torn but settled on a tenkan entry udekiminage. My first response to that will likely be kotagaeshi but I wanted to practice something else on purpose.
A couple of others were picked as well. I remember one person picking tenkan entry, sumiotoshi.

My freestyle at the end was improved over last weeks. I always entered, didn't get stuck. I did turn my back on one uke for a moment to get rid of another but quickly turned around to face him. I knew he was there. What I did was ok but if I had picked an uchi technique I could have kept them all where I could see them. Peter is having us work with 3 ukes. One other thing I did was controlled the space well. I was dumping ukes in front of each other.


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