Sunday, April 01, 2012

I'm Tenderized

Well.... Tony is back. He was feeling real good today. Peter had us doing mostly responses to shomenuchi attacks.

He had us doing sumi-otoshi, kotagaeshi, koshinage, sankyo, ude garume, udekiminage, shihonage, nikkyo, kokyunage, taiotoshi.

The most interesting throw out of all of them was the taiotoshi for me.... The attack would come, we enter and slide in a bit with a pivot taking ukes arm. I lead him down, out and up as I stepped in front of uke and throw. The entry was interesting.

Toward the end I had Tony as my nage and he decided during the freestyle period to throw in a koshinage we hadn't done in the class for shomenuchi. It was excellent and well timed as usual. Peter then came over and said.... do it the other way. Apparently, a class or so ago Tony was doing the koshi by turning his back to the attacking shomenuchi arm as he steps in for the koshinage. It was fast.... very fast. The ukemi was much more difficult.

So.... between the koshinages and whatever else Tony pulled out of his hat I was tossed around pretty well.

I feel all warm and fuzzy for the rest of the day. I got a nice workout.


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