Friday, April 20, 2012

Phone Booth Aikido???

Had a laid back Friday night class. Went to Shotokan. Bob taught tonight. We did a few different techniques from an unusual opening. One of the more interesting aspects of practice was when Bob had us work in a small area as if we were in a corner with a wall behind you and to one side. It was a good exercise. Very interesting. It was a strange night. Usually, I can just practice but I had two different partners asking me for feedback tonight. Good to see the effort. Rather than just going through the motions these are the people that are still learning. One took a look at me during his nikkyo and although I moved some he's been around enough to know that he doesn't quite have it. So he worked on improving it a bit. Someone else did the same thing with his sankyo. He wanted to stop mid practice and work on his control. So... a laid back night. I had a little fun doing my best to yonkyo the hell out of my partner when that technique was shown. It can be a tough one to get.


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