Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Took Class Sunday and Monday

Went to Shohdokan on Sunday morning. Pete taught. After stretching we went straight into some line techniques to warm up. It was nice warming up that way. Had a great class. Monday night I went to North Shore Aikikai. We did a couple of test techniques for Roger who is testing at some point and covered a couple for me as well. We also did a fun sumi-otoshi. Tsuji attack. Deflect the strike with the same hand (eg. right on right), then take both hands bringing the arm around behind uke as you enter. It's excellent to practice ukemi for this one as well. Another technique was interesting. Here is what I remember of it. From another tsuki attack. Lets pretend uke is striking with the right hand. Move your feet but end up with the same hanmi facing to the left(turned sideways to uke). At the same time, push your right hand into the upper arm/inner elbow off to the side. Take your left and and cut down a bit on the same hand. At this point uke is very off balance. se your right hand once more to push at the hip, shoulder, neck or whatever you get your hands on. We did that last technique a month or so ago. I had an easier time with it for the most part this time.


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