Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Awesome Wednesday Night Class

Likely I won't be able to make it to Friday's class so I came on Wednesday night to Shodokon's class. It was excellent. I was quite spoiled. It was nikkyo night. We basically did nikkyo and a couple of flavors of ude-garami.

The mix of partners was particularly good. I had a couple of our more experienced dojo members and one who I think has been kicking around for about a year and a half. I hadn't seen her in a while. She learns quickly. I made one little tweak to her nikkyo and she was doing much better throughout the class. The other thing I noticed was that with me she went very fast and hard for techniques. Sort of refreshing. Most people take it easy.... sometimes too easy in my mind. I had to really move to keep up with her. Despite her speed I kept the technique slow enough on my turns for her ukemi level. I'd like to see how she does other techniques.

Looks like I get the bonehead award for the night. I had Buddy as a partner. He's one of those big strong quasi-resitant guys. He's experienced but doesn't practice in a soft manner. I was doing nikkyo with him and on one of the repetitions, he wasn't tapping or even grimacing... I merely felt him put more resistance in and use muscle to attempt to defeat the technique(as usual). So I applied the nikkyo a little harder than I usually do. He didn't tap or complain but afterwards talked to me to let me know that it was too strong. I asked why he didn't tap or move in to protect himself. He said it came on too fast for him to react. I've had nikkyo done way faster to me and I hit the ground way fast. He wasn't even moving. I feel a little bad if I hurt him. Mostly, I think I scared him. He was afraid of a broken wrist. I don't blame him and I'll have to be more careful of him in the future but really.... dude.... MOVE/TAP/REACT/DO SOMETHING to protect yourself!!! I swear I didn't do it fast. I think what happened was as soon as I overcame his resistance there was nothing left and at that point I had it dialed up. I apologized to him immediately.

Resistance in practice can be good but depending on the nature of it and the technique, it can be a lot rougher on uke. Uke has to be ready to handle that.

At the end of class we did a few minutes of freestyle. I had Joanna as a partner. Mr. Mulligan asked for a couple hip techniques from me. I threw her once... after that she was purposely bending over to make it hard for me to do another hip technique. Her ukemi is fine so I don't know why she was screwing around. But it was still good practice for me. I got her once by sliding in quickly for uki-gosh. Another time I got her in a very cool way. I needed her to be up enough for me to do the hip throw and she's much shorter than me to begin with. So I started out with nikkyo as we usually do, let it go, did a tenkan, pulled her around and then did Ogoshi as she came around. She wasn't expecting it so I caught her and had nice timing for a smooth throw. For the last throw of the night I couldn't resist.... got the nikkyo, transitioned to sankyo, brought her around behind me for a taiotoshi.

This was the first class I've had in a while where I was working a little bit.


At June 16, 2012 7:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO, HE gets the bonehead award for not giving in to an overwhelming force.
Your job is to do the technique, not baby him thru it. Of course you need to be sensitive to how he responds, but if he's toughing it out, how are you supposed to know that. Just do the technique effectively so he can learn what HE's supposed to do as Uke.

At June 18, 2012 8:49 AM, Blogger Poxbox said...

Well... I'd disagree with you if he were new. This guy has been practicing longer than I have.

At June 27, 2012 5:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with jimmy. This guy should know how to protect himself by now. he resisted to test you ang got caught. Next time he will have more respect for your nikkyo. rob


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