Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Another Hot Night

I prodded Dave who hadn't led a warm up in a long while to start us off. We did an abbreviated bit of stretching but then we did a great series of ukemi drills. After Dave started us off with tsuki sumiotoshi. Once again I was forced to watch most of the line do k steps instead of j steps. On my turn I tried to make it clear by example, however at this point people brains are still turned off and they aren't really watching. I'm not the one leading the line so I really don't say anything.

Temps came closer to 90 or so in the dojo. In keeping with the thought of having fewer throws on a hot day, Mr. Mulligan decided to do a few more pressure points. One right behind the elbow. Get uke in an ikkyo like position. Dig a knuckle into just above the elbow.

He threw in a choke. I usually like chokes. However, at one point I had a smaller partner and choking her was like grabbing nothing.

Then we did some stuff I hadn't seen in a while. For this example... uke has left foot in front. Distract uke, take right foot and plant it behind the forward foot, take your other foot and put it between uke's feet. Use your knee to push on the inside of his knee on the 'trapped' forward foot. Uke has no choice but to fall down.

We then did the similar thing from our backs. So we start on the ground for this practice. We pivot to make sure that if uke moves around that our feet are facing him. When uke moves in to attack. Hook the forward foot from the outside(same side foot) just like before. Turn your other foot sideways and push against the inside of uke's knee. He will fall over.

Also did an exercise where uke grabs at the collar from static or pushes or pulls. We are supposed to turn and react with a technique. Mulligan had a few of them he had us do. Then allowed us to see what we came up with.

At one point I had a particularly resistant partner so it was hard to complete a technique with him. he would resist and then withdraw. His intent on attack would just be gone. So first I found him tough to work with(which is ok... even good in a way) and a moment later he would just disappear. It would have been easier if he didn't back off. I could most of the time stay connected to him and keep flowing into something else but at that point it's like working with a non-moving ball(literally... he's bent over a little not moving with his arms close to his body). Almost like a standing version of a fetal position. His ukemi just stops after the initial encounter. Not sure why he does this... he certainly wouldn't just stand there in a fight.


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