Monday, July 02, 2012

Seminar Stuff

We had a class on Sunday with Peter teaching. Good class. Towards the end of class he reserved some time for Chris to show us what he picked up from the Donovan Waite seminar at New England Aikikai last weekend.

He started with a sankyo. This version had us bringing the arm down in an ikkyo like fashion. Rather than pinning the shoulder down a bit as you reach under for the control, he had us slide the top arm down to the wrist/sankyo. The bottom hand goes to the fingers bending them backwards and towards uke some. Then bring the whole hand around in a circle across uke's center as you step back. The effect is that the attack and final result having uke continue moving in a straight line.

Another one was a moretetori grab. Back foot was back 45 degrees as you draw uke down and towards you. As they take that stagger step you can turn uke around, use your other arm across uke's face/neck/chest to throw with as you move your whole body. (Kokyunage).

It's very interesting learning the seminar stuff in this manner.... There is what was shown at the seminar, what someone picked up, how they effectively teach it and what you manage to pick up as a student from the person bringing it in. It's a miracle if I was doing anything close to what was shown at the seminar. Still... it was fun to see.

Wish I managed to get to the seminar. Someone told me that he folks focusing on a bunch of ukemi.


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