Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Test Night at North Shore Aikikai

I uke'd for two tests. Testamant to my lack of conditioning I was really worked. Although oddly enough by the end of the second test I was in a groove and could have gone on for quite a while with no problem.

The tests were interesting. At one point I was taking ukemi for a shihonage. One side was relatively normal. The other side, I was forced to breakfall for. The angle was different. I don't think my ukemi changed. I think it was nage. The angle was different for one side. I didn't think my nage was used to breakfalls for shihonage so I adjusted my ukemi and made sure I didn't have to breakfall again. I didn't want my nage distracted by my ukemi. Given more time, nage won't care what I do for an ukemi but the look on her face was enough of a hint to me that she wasn't expecting that fall.

For one of the tests there was a tsuki iriminage which was a direct entry. My nage came in and was roughing up my face a bit. I was perfectly fine and barely noticed it. I saw him smiling at me a bit during the test after that throw and I realized he was wondering if I was ok. I smiled back to let him know I was perfectly fine. What he was doing was perfectly fine as well.

Overall, good tests. There were some small things here and there to fix up but I'm guessing they both passed. Each tester has aspects of their practice that are really good.

During the tests, I managed to screw up one attack for each of my partners. Whoops. My fault.

I was also trying to fall a little differently for my breakfalls for these tests. In general this is something I'm working toward in my regular practice. I started doing this last week again. It's been a while but I'd like to practice falling more softly for breakfalls. I'm not getting my hand down quite early enough. It's coming along though.


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