Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunday Morning New Faces

Sunday brought a surprise. Two of the students that just finished their 8-week introductory course came to class on Sunday. I hope to see them again. It's fun to work with different people. At the beginning of class Peter had me work with them on their ukemi for a short while. We just worked on their forward rolls a little. The girl was quite relaxed but tended to start her hands down in the wrong place which the roll a bit off line. The guy... was having more problems. He needed to really look forward and not off to the side. His focus was so far off to the side that he tended to barrel roll. So they seemed to make some small improvement.

For class Peter mixed us up. Some times we were working with the beginners and sometimes we worked off to the side. Which is perfect.

One thing I noticed right away was that the guy doesn't hesitate his way through techniques. A lot of new people tend to do things step by step. Go to here... stop.. go to there... stop... and so forth. He was doing a lot of things smoothly and continuously. Not always perfect but with a nice fluidity.

At the end of class Peter threw me a few times with a high fall so they could see what they would be doing at some point.


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