Monday, August 06, 2012

Was I Low Enough??

I managed to get class tonight. Rob taught. Hadn't seen Rob in a while so that was nice.

We did some Kaitenage and some tenchinage. The kaitenage version was interesting. You go under but the other foot then comes back and put behind uke. Then the other foot comes back and then forward in a j-step. At the same time uke is pulled around with a yokomen-like cut. I had trouble incorporating the j-step. When you've been doing something a certain way for so long it takes a lot of concentration to do something else. I started out without the j-step and just collected uke up with a tenkan. Fine... but not what we were trying to practice in class.

For the tenchinage I was trying to get unreasonably low for Rob. Rob stresses the use of flexibility(if you have it).

I saw lots less hesitation in one of my partners. He tends to stand there and overthink. Not tonight.


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