Thursday, August 30, 2012

Whole Bunch of Classes

Family went away so I managed to get to 5 classes so far this week(in four days). It's been a very nice aikido blur.

Last night was a workout and a half since I went to two classes. First class was at Shotokan. Was pretty much a run of taiotoshi from different positions. So that was excellent as far as I was concerned. I could do that for weeks on end and not get sick of it. It was however a big workout. Nice to have that for a change. The warm weather has slowed the pace of classes down but I was able to move from partner to partner and keep a nice pace going with each of them.

At one point I got a rest working with a guy named Richard. He's an unusal person to say the least. He's older, comes to aikido and doesn't seem to absorb tons at once but was on a pace to slowly getting better. He actually has really nice hip throws as far as positioning goes. He started taking judo and it seems like ever since he doesn't want to take ukemi. Not even a roll. He will attempt to hop out of techniques. I talked to him several times over the past couple classes I've seen him. Trying to hop away and not roll is how you get hurt. I sprained my ankle doing something similar once. So I nagged him until he started rolling out of the taiotoshi. When he was ready I threw him for a breakfall. He fell well and got up and said that it felt ok. I told him he did a great job on the ukemi. He told me that he didn't really do anything. Then he asked... is it supposed to be that hard a fall? I answered jokingly... "when I throw it is". So I dialed it back a bit and we practiced a short while longer. By the time we were done I had him doing pretty well at the technique. He wasn't getting the pull up at the end but everything else was getting better. He was even starting to use his body and timing the throw with his drop.

We also did some responses to headlocks. One was to reach back with the inside hand and use the blade of your hand to the spot under the nose to scrape uke up and back away from you as you stand up out of the headlock. Another was to step in front of uke and pull him over your opposite shoulder in a taiotoshi/seoinage kind of throw.

Then.... I went on to North Shore Aikikai. Rob taught last night. We warmed up with a few line throws. Then we moved on to partners. There were two similar techniques that stick out my mind.

One starts off similar to kaitenage. You slide in with one foot, the other foot comes forward and shoots back to the other side of uke. You want to keep extension, use the 'kaitenage' arm as a lever and push that over as you place your 'heavy' hand on the opposite shoulder and pull him past you as you pivot out of the way.

We then did a shortened version of this from a yokomen attack and stepping in immediately for the throw. I really like this quick throw as I can see how fast it can be in a freestyle situation. We also practiced getting into someone's blind spot as they are taking their ukemi so as they get up and attack again you are in a good place. I was not placing my self in an optimum position. Need work on that.

Between the two classes last night I was fairly wiped out.


At August 30, 2012 8:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like a terrier throwing a rag doll!!! wiped out I love it!!!



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