Saturday, November 24, 2012

Friday Night Class

Did a bunch of kokyunage with mixed results. Some of them remind me of good exercises but impractical for real world use. However, that could be true... or it could be that I am not necessarily understanding the throw well enough right now. We spent some time with Mr. Mulligan stressing teaching techniques. Friday night is the advanced class and I think he sees his higher level folks teaching some day in the future. During class we were going through all the basic controls one by one. It was quite fun actually. However, while doing ikkyo I had this one guy as a partner. He's older, inflexible, with a so-so lower back and limited ukemi ability. So, I was going easier on him so I didn't challenge his ukemi too much. Mr. Mulligan comes over and asks me if I'm taking it easy on him on purpose and I tell him yes. So then heasks me to really do ikkyo as I would normally do it. I did and tried to take it easy on him still but he ended up in some amount of pain from lack of ukemi. His shoulder was stressed. He made a joke that he has to go back to work the next day(so I shouldn't damage him). I adjust my technique to my partner. I still try to do proper technique. However, I slow the pace up for most people so they can keep up. In reality there are only a few people in the dojo that I can actually throw at normal practice speed or intensity. I hold back most of the time. Although fun to let go and throw sometimes, I never feel it necessary to crush people who aren't ready for it.


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