Sunday, December 02, 2012

What's With The Elastic Band?

This morning we had a great class. Peter had us practicing a strange entry to the open side. Shomen strike, catch it coming down sort of with the inside hand as you enter to the open side and lead with it into something... shihonage, udekimenage, kotagaeshi, nikkyo, koshinage. We did a bunch of different stuff. We did a dynamic hand grab attack. lead uke in, tenkan, take uke around for uchi or soto style kaitenage. Usually I think uchi when I do that. It was good to see that done as a soto technique.... then after either throw or make it an ura version. I had Sam as a partner for this one and we noodled around a little bit. We have slightly different ways of doing it but both were fine. At the part where you bring uke's hand down and back up again we were noticing that uke has a chance to strike the groin area. Same solved it by keeping the arm stretched out and the hand solid (although not grabbing) at the back of the neck. I solved it a different way. As I'm bringing the arm down I slide back about a half step which gives me plenty of extension. This gets me far enough away from uke so he can't hit me and uke's experience is a smooth throw. Sam and I were tossing each other around. It was a lot of fun. Behind us today the arnis group was kind of chuckling. They're usually hard at work next to us and I don't get much opportunity to see what they are up to. All of a sudden, I hear a snap noise, and then laughing. It repeats. For whatever reason the teacher had a large elastic high up on his arm and was asking students to pull it hard and then let it go. They were pulling it like an easy 18" before letting it go. I think he was showing them that you can ignore discomfort when you practice or in a real fight.


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