Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ah Heck 2 Weeks! Really!??

I get to the dojo on Friday night and there is a notice posted that there is a test in two weeks (well... 1 and 1/2 now). This isn't a lot of time to prepare for a test. And... what do we do that Friday night? 1st kyu techniques. As far as I know (although I may be wrong) there isn't anyone testing for 1st kyu this period.

I'm way overdue for a test. I have something like double the number of hours needed for a 2nd kyu test. So now I'm torn. I want to take it to get it out of the way but it kills me to give a crap test from lack of practice.

Peter was kind enough to go over a couple of techniques on Sunday that are on the test. Monday night I asked for help at North Shore Aikido and they were kind enough to do a couple of other techniques for test and cover another on another day. The fact of the matter is... other than those few classes, I hadn't seen a test technique for 2nd kyu in months/years. Previous to this I was seeing lots of 1st kyu, shodan, and nidan stuff. Fun to be sure and some of my henka waza is looking pretty good. This doesn't help me for the upcoming test however.

I hadn't even run through the whole test with anyone as yet. No idea who could uke for me.

So.... do I test or not?