Monday, May 28, 2012

Classes Go On

Been to many classes since my last post. Sunday mornings have been excellent. This past morning Chris didn't make it. I think he was at an aikido seminar somewhere. So... it was just Tony and I. We kept a nice pace going and not having to switch off. Last week we worked on just doing lots of falls. This week we focused on an open entry. Shodokhan's last Friday night class I took had Mr. Mulligan teaching classes in kazushi. He had us doing exercises (not actual techniques) and showed us how a twist this way or that would affect uke more. Very helpful to understand the concepts. My favorite though is looking for kazushi during a given technique. It may not always be in the exact same place every time. It can be affected by uke's position, intent, general motion. The trick is recognizing it and adapting. North Shore Aikikai has been doing test techniques lately for it's members. I seem to be ripping nails lately. I've ripped two nails (split up the middle) in the past 3 weeks. They were trimmed back too. I just have soft nails I guess. Heard on the mat the other day.... (uke's wrist cracks repeatedly during a technique)... "Just call me rice crispies".