Saturday, October 27, 2012

Closed On Account Of Rain

The hurricane that's headed up the coast is scaring people for no reason. Sure enough the people further south should have some concerns but typically by the time they get up here(New England) they either veer off or lose their speed and just become a tropical storm. The weather folks get all excited when they actually have something to report so they spend a good amount of time trying to instill fear and panic. Most people actually believe what they see on the television. The grocery stores were hit pretty hard in this area already as people are preparing. Well... Shodokahn will be closed Monday night. The teacher who usually does the class won't be available. What disappoints me is that we don't have the option of coming in for open mat time. Frankly, I could easily keep everyone busy for a class and if nothing else everyone could work on their test. This weather unfortunately coincided with one of the few Mondays I could have shown up. I just checked the current report. We are supposed to get 38mph winds and rain. Big whoop. I don't even need to tie my deck furniture down for that. Tomorrow morning I'm going in. Although it sounded as though Mr. Mulligan was going to discourage a Sunday class as well, I didn't receive any email or phone call to make me think we are cancelled. Frankly... if no one shows up, I'll train with the Arnis folks instead. I'm sure they'll be there.

UPDATE: Monday night turned out to be a little worse than I thought for weather. Hurricane pounded in around NY and NJ. Around here there was a lot of wind and rain. Some neighbors lost a couple of trees but was otherwise uneventful. Although you could easily travel in such weather(around here), most people would likely want to stay close to home. NSA cancelled class as well. So no class for me on Monday anywhere. We had a hurricane com through right? So why are all the leaves still on my lawn?

Test Coming Soon

Had a real interesting Friday night class. Did some responses to katemenuchi attack. I liked most of them. One was totally confounding me until I realized what Mr. Mulligan wanted us to do. Then it was a piece of cake. Then there was one that for years I could never figure out how to do it right. I got a correction from Mulligan and bam, I then understood what I was doing wrong all this time. I made the correction and that particular technique was no problem. At the beginning of class he asked who was taking what for tests. Would have been nice to do some techniques from my test tonight but that didn't happen. From my perspective it's business as usual. For months now I've been seeing techniques for tests above my current rank. Never anything for my next test. Truth be told I'm sure I could do decent enough without any practice at all but I don't like going into a test so ill prepared. In addition there are some techniques where there are variations and I don't know which ones Mulligan wants to see for the test. Found out about the test today and it's coming up in a mere 2 weeks or so I think. Not exactly a huge lead time. I want to take the test to get it out of the way and start the clock ticking again. We shall see.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chokes and Ukemi

So... Friday night at Shodoken was an interesting night. We got to do some chokes which is always fun. Monday night at North Shore Aikikai Matt had us doing quite a bit of ukemi practice. My ukemi was a little off. Having nothing to do with aikido, my left shoulder has been kind of crappy the past few days. Some of the ukemi practice reminded me of a video I once saw. Should probably do more of that.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Shihonage Night

Matt had us really drilling shihonage and just as important, breakfalling from shihonage. I definitely need practice. If someone is doing this at speed it can be hard to keep up as uke.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Ache All Over

Been having some great classes lately. Come to think of it, there has been a lot of line work lately for the most part which is fun. Although Mulligan had us doing wakagatami for large part of Friday nights class. Not a line technique to be sure but it was good. I needed the practice for that one. Why am I aching all over? Was it this mornings class with a good amount of koshinage? Nah.... It's from going over someone's new house to help with some home improvement projects. My body isn't used to standing on a concrete floor for hours on end making unfamiliar movements for most of the day.