Saturday, January 05, 2013

Exercises With Structure

Mr. Mulligan did a class on structure. What is structure you ask? According to him(and my take on it), it's when you manage to get uke in a position where they are locked up and off balance. They are pretty much relying on you to stop from falling at this point. Or at least.... unless they take a really big step to regain balance.

Some of the exercises were interesting. I can't call any of them techniques per se. Most relied upon having a really strong connection to uke.

One example. Uke grabs both hands(your palms are down). You raise your fingertips up to almost touch uke. This raises his shoulders and bit and puts him a bit off balance backawards. You then cup your hands down, in and back a bit toward you to drive uke down and backwards. If uke were to grab loosely, this wouldn't work at all. Also, this assumes the person doesn't just simply step back as soon as they feel their arms locking up. I'm certain if Tony V. were around, he would step back.

So... it was fine to do exercises Friday night.


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