Monday, May 06, 2013


Friday night Mr. Mulligan had us doing lots of techniques that emphasized back pressure. This is the feeling that uke is leaning on you some for balance as you do the technique. As it often happens, I went to a totally different dojo Monday night and the teacher was doing many techniques with...... you guessed it.... back pressure. This happens a lot. Two totally seperate dojos teaching the same techniques or similar thought within a few days of each other. Very funny. One of my favorite techniques of the night was a taiotoshi of sorts(movement is a lot like the rodeo throw). Starts off with a wrist grab. Nage has elbow down and draws uke in some by turning the body and hip. Hand is now in a good position to push so we push up uke nice and tall, step/slide in, turn and throw over a high knee.


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