Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cool Moretetori Work

Friday night was interesting. Wehad someone pop in that I hadn't seen in a while. He's really tall.... I mean... super tall. Although very talented, one of the things he isn't too sensitive about is his position in relation to uke's. Just like you wouldn't break a connection unintentionally by moving too fast or choosing a bad angle, he needs to be more aware that his limbs are so much longer than uke's. As a result, he tends to extend uke too far in every direction. So, instead of off-balancing me, he'll take me too far and I feel the need to take a step putting myself back on-balance. I said something to him, but I don't think he listens to anyone lower than a shihan when it comes to feedback. One of the people that attended Donovan Waite's seminar was with us on Sunday. That was awesome. We did his take on a variation of kaitenage was taught at the seminar. I think it's really effective. It relies heavily on getting uke's head really low and not letting him up. The rest is over with. I was so off-balance when I took ukemi for this that I could really see this version working. Was fun to noodle with. Also, Peter had us doing an interesting entry for a moretetori attack. Enter on the open side and do various stuff.


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