Monday, July 08, 2013

Even I Screw Up Some Times

Had a good night at North Shore Aikikai. Tried new and interesting techniques. One was a simple wrist grab.... drop back and down kind of throw. Another was crazy time.... started like soto kaitenage but you make some space between you and uke, cut uke in towards your center causing them to spin in front of you which you encourage with the other hand.... and then finish with a taiotoshi. I kept finishing differently with a double knee drop. Which means I never did the technique exactly right. Still felt pretty good though. There were a bunch of others, some of which were basic throws but the practice was good to do for sure. Did a practice test review with Roger for his test tonight. Went pretty well overall. After class, Rob tossed me around for a while. Most of it was pretty good. There was even a kotagaeshi where Rob really had me moving and I had to keep up. By the time the throw finished I was tossed high and far. The little push at the end for a bit more distance. The screw up part was that we were doing a series of yokomenuchi attacks. Never knowing what Rob was going to come up with I did pretty good for the ukemi. All except for one throw. I don't know if I stopped paying attention or the throw just came out of nowhere and I didn't expect it. I actually didn't keep up with it. Rob felt that I was not in the right place. He modified the throw mid stream for me. Thankfully.... I'm not sure if that would have done really bad damage or just hurt a hell of a lot but I thanked him on that one. I let myself get into a bad position. You really need to pay attention and keep up all the time. I'm usual more sensitive than that.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Another Hot Friday Night

Bob taught Friday night. It was pretty hot so we kept to relatively easy stuff. Still had a good workout from it though. Fun class. Sunday morning I went to Peter's class. Did some basic stuff with different openings. One of the throws stuck out in my mind. It started with a wrist grab. Take the grabbing hand with your opposite hand, fingers down, thumb up from under. Break the grip and backhand toward the face to get a grip on the other hand. Irimi tenkan. Lead uke forward with both hands. Fall forward and cast uke out. One of the people in the class kept throwing down instead of out. After I got them to start throwing me out, Peter stopped class as he was watching us and asked me what the difference was between the better throw and the previous throw. I told him I was telling nage to try and cast me out. He had me demo it to the class. In fact, I showed that at some point I'm actually falling forward some and taking uke with me. Then peter had us doing another throw that was a kokyunage of some kind. I couldn't help myself. Rob from North Shore Aikikai has me pushing on people's hips as part of the throw. Come to think of it. I think I added that element to a throw in Matt's class last Monday. After class one of our more experienced students told me that I totally changed how she viewed doing high falls. I gave her some advice a few weeks back and apparently it's really worked for her. She said she was a lot more confident in her high falls now. Nice to know I could help someone.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Small Class

Went to NSA Monday night. Small class. But was excellent nonetheless. We did a lot of techinques from the Donovan Waite seminar. This was excellent because I got to see someone with a more experienced eye give me his take on the techniques. Next best thing to being there. I had some limited success playing with these variations. The only way to improve would be repetition and refinement. Not much else went on although at one point a strike with what I read as intent was directed at my head and I didn't have to think but instead reacted in a decent enough way. This does happen during practice once in a while. Good to see that I might actually attempt to intercept/blend with a shot to my head.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Really Missed The Odd Person Today

So... we had an even number of people and my partner was Tony who is happy to move at a good pace. As a result I got a great workout on Sunday morning. With no extra person to work in with we just went at each other.... throw, throw, fall, fall..... etc. The only time we slowed down was to really look at some of the techniques. Probably just as well since it was a hot morning. Friday night Mr. Mulligan took a rare night off and Peter taught. We started with some soft stuff and then moved right into hip throws and more intense stuff. What I loved here is we had a mix of line techniques as well as partners. At the end of class we were allowed to do some freestyle from a shomenuchi attack. I actually was less fluid then usual. I guess we haven't been doing much freestyle practice. I felt a little slow that night to come up with options... maybe it was just the heat.