Sunday, July 07, 2013

Another Hot Friday Night

Bob taught Friday night. It was pretty hot so we kept to relatively easy stuff. Still had a good workout from it though. Fun class. Sunday morning I went to Peter's class. Did some basic stuff with different openings. One of the throws stuck out in my mind. It started with a wrist grab. Take the grabbing hand with your opposite hand, fingers down, thumb up from under. Break the grip and backhand toward the face to get a grip on the other hand. Irimi tenkan. Lead uke forward with both hands. Fall forward and cast uke out. One of the people in the class kept throwing down instead of out. After I got them to start throwing me out, Peter stopped class as he was watching us and asked me what the difference was between the better throw and the previous throw. I told him I was telling nage to try and cast me out. He had me demo it to the class. In fact, I showed that at some point I'm actually falling forward some and taking uke with me. Then peter had us doing another throw that was a kokyunage of some kind. I couldn't help myself. Rob from North Shore Aikikai has me pushing on people's hips as part of the throw. Come to think of it. I think I added that element to a throw in Matt's class last Monday. After class one of our more experienced students told me that I totally changed how she viewed doing high falls. I gave her some advice a few weeks back and apparently it's really worked for her. She said she was a lot more confident in her high falls now. Nice to know I could help someone.


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