Monday, July 08, 2013

Even I Screw Up Some Times

Had a good night at North Shore Aikikai. Tried new and interesting techniques. One was a simple wrist grab.... drop back and down kind of throw. Another was crazy time.... started like soto kaitenage but you make some space between you and uke, cut uke in towards your center causing them to spin in front of you which you encourage with the other hand.... and then finish with a taiotoshi. I kept finishing differently with a double knee drop. Which means I never did the technique exactly right. Still felt pretty good though. There were a bunch of others, some of which were basic throws but the practice was good to do for sure. Did a practice test review with Roger for his test tonight. Went pretty well overall. After class, Rob tossed me around for a while. Most of it was pretty good. There was even a kotagaeshi where Rob really had me moving and I had to keep up. By the time the throw finished I was tossed high and far. The little push at the end for a bit more distance. The screw up part was that we were doing a series of yokomenuchi attacks. Never knowing what Rob was going to come up with I did pretty good for the ukemi. All except for one throw. I don't know if I stopped paying attention or the throw just came out of nowhere and I didn't expect it. I actually didn't keep up with it. Rob felt that I was not in the right place. He modified the throw mid stream for me. Thankfully.... I'm not sure if that would have done really bad damage or just hurt a hell of a lot but I thanked him on that one. I let myself get into a bad position. You really need to pay attention and keep up all the time. I'm usual more sensitive than that.


At July 12, 2013 7:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to know that your shoulder is still part of your body. The shiho nage breakfall relies on protecting the elbow and shoulder with your conection between the elbow and shoulder. Once you lost that I could tell immediately. It would not have been pretty. That happens after 10 or fifteen throws. Its hard to stay aware when you really start going anarobic. Just caught up on the last 5 blogs. Back in may you were talking about a student who you were focusing on kazushi and his awareness of whether the aikidois really working. It triggered a memory of a quote by Endo Sense. He always says good Aikido is beautiful. If your technique is working it will be beautiful so ask your friends was my Aikido beautiful? In essence being in the right palce at the right time with the propper amount of Kazushi feels good and looks good and works well. Nice to toss you the other night. Cleared the cobwebs from an otherwise difficult day. Rob


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