Monday, July 01, 2013

Really Missed The Odd Person Today

So... we had an even number of people and my partner was Tony who is happy to move at a good pace. As a result I got a great workout on Sunday morning. With no extra person to work in with we just went at each other.... throw, throw, fall, fall..... etc. The only time we slowed down was to really look at some of the techniques. Probably just as well since it was a hot morning. Friday night Mr. Mulligan took a rare night off and Peter taught. We started with some soft stuff and then moved right into hip throws and more intense stuff. What I loved here is we had a mix of line techniques as well as partners. At the end of class we were allowed to do some freestyle from a shomenuchi attack. I actually was less fluid then usual. I guess we haven't been doing much freestyle practice. I felt a little slow that night to come up with options... maybe it was just the heat.


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