Friday, August 02, 2013

Back From Vacation

Actually went away for a while. Came back to class. Tonight, Bob taught the Friday night class at Shodokan.

We started out with a few line techniques. Did some partner stuff (kotagaeshi, iriminage variants). What was more interesting was the freestyle at the end of class. All uke's had to do a tsuki attack for this exercise.

We had 5 attackers for nage. We each took turns. I was doing pretty well overall except for the part where I tripped on an uke and fell on my butt. Very graceful. I got up and finished up pretty well. Somewhere along the line Buddy went for a punch to the head with a good amount of intent in it. I deflected it, slipped under the swept up arm. Then I had his arm and his collar and because his energy was still moving in that direction I used the arm to off-balance him and pushed his neck such that if we were in a real fight I would have smashed his face into the mirrored wall. Not very aiki but when you have 5 people on you I say that's fair game.

Bob then had us practice the same freestyle just slipping punches, no techniques allowed. On the third run through he asked us to deflect/slip punches but do a technique if there is a solid one there. Otherwise.... just get yourself into a better position.

The run through for the last two felt pretty good. I worked on keeping ukes in each others way either by positioning myself in the proper place or by using an uke and throwing them into the others to buy myself some time while I repositioned.

Once in a while I got caught in the middle and although no one really got me, I don't think I was in the best position. Some of it felt great. There were some moments where I got uke's to line up and get in each other's way. One of the times I took care of one uke purposely moving to another and before he could punch I entered with an atemi to the face. He was surprised and backed off for a second which gave me time to get past him and get outside the circle of ukes.

It's hard with that many uke's but I tried to push forward and enter. I was surprised I did as well as I had. I hadn't done much in the way of freestyle practice like that in a while.

So... my freestyles weren't youtube worthy but I was not unhappy with what fell out. There was a little aikido in there.


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