Sunday, December 01, 2013

Caught the Tuesday Night Class

With the holiday weekend approaching I thought it would be good to get in an extra class as I didn't think classes would be well attended or even available over the holiday.

For sure it was an interesting class. Peter was teaching the beginners class over on one side of the mat. Joanna, a 1st kyu, was teaching the rest of the class. I was actually glad it was Joanna because she is one of the better students there and in my mind always had the most potential.

Quite recently, our chief instructor asked some of the first kyus to teach classes. I was wondering how I'd feel taking classes from some of these folks. I decided that I would treat it like any other class where I have an opportunity to practice and noodle around a little. I would even try to keep an open mind to anything being taught by my peers. Joanna did fine running the class. It was a good practice. We had fun doing various stuff. At the end she had us do freestyle practice which we probably all depserately need.

There were only a couple of painful parts of the class for me. Once when I had done a particular pin for shihonage and she comes over to tell me about another way to pin. She's been in the same.... heck fewer classes than I have. She knows that I and my partner knew the other pin. If she wanted a particaular pin I'd give it to her but it seemed silly to bring up such a basic point just to mention it. She's not paying attention to who she is teaching. You really have to tailor your class to who is in it.

There was some other odd thing about one of the demos I didn't care for but it's a personal preference. I like showing the one technoique being shown or the two or three techniques that exemplify a thought or concept. Showing random responses to attacks without a purpose never made sense to me. Why show a bunch of responses and then say to the students.... do that last response? Maybe she just didn't know where she wanted to go with the next technique?

Despite all that, she did a fine job and seemed to be a little more serious on the mat which I liked to see. Usually she is chatting quite a bit on the mat and she cut way back when she was teaching.

I'd be curious to ask her if she thinks she is learning anything from teaching the classes.

I look forward to her next one if I get the opportunity.


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