Sunday, December 01, 2013

Stiff Morning

So glad I went to class this morning. I started out stupidly stiff. Not sure why. Got in as much stretching as I could before class and that helped a lot. By the time class was over I felt all loose like I usually do. Peter had us doing wrong sided attacks. We did various responses such as kotagaeshi, udekiminage, shihonage, tai-otoshi and so forth. For the most part I was able to do a decent enough job on them. There are some mornings where everything seems strangely difficult and this wasn't one of them. No secrets of the universe today but it was an excellent practice. It's good when my partner actually screwed up a couple times and attacked me from the 'correct' side and I just did the technique from that side instead without thinking about it. One of the techniques I'd like to noodle around with more was a simple tsuki, you try to do a kokyunage. One hand is on the tsuki hand going down while the other grabs the elbow or arm of the other side and pushes that up. Similar to the windmill thing you see in all the freestyle videos. I tried messing around with that lead hand a bit. Instead of grabbing or pushing the arm down, I tried to lead it out, stay sticky and use the bump at the joint of the wrist to 'push' against for the lead. After leading it out, then I went down with that arm. I was able to off balance my uke enough doing this that I didn't need my second hand on him. Now... normally I'd use the second hand as part of the technique but I was just focusing on how much I could get with the one side. I would've liked to try that with a different uke to see if I get the same result. I was wondering if my uke was too compliant. After class I was watching the arnis folks again doing some hand-to hand stuff. Looked like an arm bar on the elbow, turned into a driving pin down to the ground using the same lock.... at times they showed it with an ude-garame like lock. Always fun to watch those folks.


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