Saturday, April 27, 2013

Still At It

Been to many many classes since my last posting. Some have been excellent. There has been one disturbing trend at Shodokan lately. We recently had a visitor who I believe was from the Irish Aikido Federation. Theguy came for a visit and was drafted into teaching a class. Now... I'm a big believer in keeping an open mind on how things can be done. I've visited ASU and AAA dojos as well as USAF. There was some bit of practice that sensei really liked that I just don't get. He basically wants us to practice doing backrolls and coming up in high kneeling with hands up in a ready position. Sort of reminds me of a yoshinkan kind of pose. The part I don't like is if you are practicing techniques from your knees I think it's valid to show that you are ready. However, if you are rolling back taking ukemi I have no idea why you would intentionally remain on your knees posing instead of standing up on balance. Why the hell stay on your knees when you can stand. Seems to reinforce a bad habit in my mind. There are times we practice stuff which I dislike but I know is probably good for me. This one just escapes me as to why doing this is better than simply standing up. What the heck am I missing?

EDIT: Ok... I got a couple of opinions from a couple different people. One thought is that we are practicing this to show that we can finish an ukemi on balance and ready. With the thought that once on balance... standing up is easy. It is true also that I noticed a lot of people in class having difficulty doing this. Does this mean that they aren't on balance when they go to stand up? It's possible. So... even if I am not thinking I have a problem with this it's possibly still good practice for the dojo.

Ok... so now it's eating my vegetables with a purpose.