Monday, September 16, 2013

Like Moving Through Mud

Just had my wisdom teeth out. 48 hours later when I'm supposedly at my worst, where am I? Yep. Sunday morning class. I asked Peter to stay away from potentially face squishing techniques such as iriminage and so forth. I'm having a generally easy recovery. I will say however that I felt like my mind was a bit clouded on Sunday morning(more than usual). My ukemi was generally all there. I even got a surprise throw from Tony(not uncommon with him) and just curled up into a nice round ball and went with it. I did have to stop myself a couple of times to remind myself what technique I was doing. This is with me having no drugs to speak of(aside from ibuprofen). Pretty happy overall with the class. Usual stuff happening. A mix of good and bad technique from my partners. There was one technique where my partner was not following the teacher's example. Instead of taking kazushi and off-balancing me, he was merely spinning in front of me to obtain a sankyo. I felt like giving him a light punch to get him thinking a little. He's been around long enough to know better.