Friday, February 28, 2014

Open Mat Nght

Only four of us showed tonight so we had an open mat night.

I was asked to work with Andrew tonight on his 4th kyu stuff.  Happy to do it.  The other two guys worked on their 1st kyu test requirements.

Andrew is very interesting.  He's had a black belt in at least one other art for a little while.  He started cross-training within the past year or so I think although he was away from aikido for a while.  Going through the test was interesting because some of the techniques I hadn't seen in a real long time.

I had to do some serious remembering.  All of them were pretty much ok but there was one on the list that bothered me.  It was tsuki iriminage tenkan variation.  I figured out one way to do while on the mat.  Then on the way home I came up with a different way.  So now I'm going to look stuff up on youtube to see what flavors of this people are doing.

One other interesting technique was ushiro tekubitori sankyo.  I was doing it Jim style by taking a step back with that outside leg and sliding the other one in.  The theory behind that being that you're not leaving your groin open.  During practice sensei asked us to step back with the inside leg.  This exposes the groin but not necessarily.  It also cranks the sankyo if you turn in that direction a bit.  Two different ways to do that one I guess.  I suggested to Andrew that he do it Mr. Mulligan's way since he's the one that will be looking at the test.

So I had a good class, teaching Andrew and doing a good bit of self-examination to make sure that the stuff we were doing was as correct as possible.  I also didn't get too fiddly with Andrew.  I remember as a beginner that it isn't necessarily helpful to get constant corrections.  You need to let them get some practice in even if it isn't 100% correct.  Then as they develop some experience, you can start tweaking things for them to work on.

For Andrew one of the few tweaks I did was to help his knee walking.  During the suwari waza practice, he seemed to be having trouble especially with the tenkans.  So we stopped the practice and just did some knee walking for a short while.  Then we went back to the suwari waza.


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