Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Serious Hang Time

Monday night we did a number of ushiro techniques.  Most of them made sense to me.  There was one that didn't seem like it can work.  Could be simply that I can't make it work.

The craziest throw of the night had to be the hip throw.  It was the usual one where you get a sankyo, extend uke some and move in for the hip throw.  The one I'm more familiar with has feet separated, and uke goes across your belt you have the option of pulling back the forward foot (Kanai style).


4:38 has the hip throw I'm talking about.

 Matt instead was doing a more classic hip throw from this position.  Didn't much matter except that I felt as though I was not thrown over the belt line.... I was thrown much higher and Matt popped me.  I swear I was 6ft in the air.  I don't really mind much but it's a difficult ukemi.  I was very thankful for the extremely soft floor at NSA.

On my turn I opted for a less spectacular throw.  I did pull my forward foot away(although a little late).  I usually only do this for uke's who can handle the throw.

We worked a bit on 3rd kyu test requirements for Roger.  Was nice going over this stuff again.  Although I see differences in how I was taught on some of these.  I generally try and do it the way being shown though so Roger sees consistency.  Trying to be a good partner.


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