Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sword Work

Friday night was an interesting change.  Bob spent a good hunk of time working on some sword exercises.  My favorite was a simple partner practice.  First person cuts straight down.  Other person leans to one side(foot turns out a bit), with the hilt of the sword raised above your head and the blade covering your head/body.  When the cut comes down it makes contact and slides down behind you.  Then you take your turn cutting and go back and forth.

After a while we then did more randori(as we've been doing the past few weeks).  After a couple of runs, Bob added a Shinai for the uke's to use.  Nage had to be aware of where that was.

The most amusing part of the night was that Tony was around.  On his turn for Randori he disarms the sword holder but rather than setting it down out of the way, he uses it to attack anyone nearby.  He got to the second shinai holder and just started swinging.  Pure Tony.  Thing is.... he wasn't doing this to be funny.  This is the way he is.  40 years of judo background, there is no way he's giving up any advantage.  He just isn't wired that way.


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